Memory Lane......

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Feeling sickish for the past few days, felt the body is getting 'heaty', can sense that sore throat is approaching, headache & flu catching up....thus had been pre-empting it from happening by drinking lots of water, herbal tea and avoid heaty stuff..... definitely dun wan to fall sick at this period of time...... all the measures taken made me much better this morning..... in a few hours time, will be starting work yet again before my off on fri and sat......

During these festive periods, there are so many movies that i wanted to watch.... hopefully will be able to catch everyone of it

- American Gangster
- Rambo 4
- Kite Runner
- Ah Long Pte Ltd
- Kung Fu Dunk
- CJ7
- Jumper

Another clip to share.... look out at timing 02:25 of the show, it shows the cabin of my work place, Changi Tower....enjoy =)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

T3 commemorative Swatch watch......

Received our T3 commemorative swatch watch yesterday, an appreciation from our company, CAAS, for everyone's hard work put in to make T3 a success...... the watch looked girly with its colour combination and dun think i will put on my wrist ever, rach also declined to wear it so i suppose it will juz be another showcase in my cupboard, this is juz another one of the few gifts we got so far....... this small gesture may be encouraging but it will be better if it were in monetary value, $$$ of course ..... =)

Anyway still have not received my class gathering photos from Lenus yet, only one photo of the comments we wrote on that day abt our gathering...... feeling very tired throughout the day even though i have been sleeping for hrs today....... din really looking forward to CNY as i will nt be celebrating for some who know the reason, anyway will be working too..... but will be looking forward to the reunion dinner at bro's hse, hotel stay at Royal Plaza on Scotts , "lou hay" with my batch mates, my vacation leave in feb, march trip with batch mates, april & july trip with rach....... =)

Sunday, January 20, 2008




虽然坐的与舞台有一段距离,但却丝毫没有影响我享受这场演唱会的心情。。。。。天王不愧是天王,懂得把大家搞high, 一向cool cool 的周董还开了开玩笑 “谁生日还开演唱会?”, 让在场的观众都笑了起来。才艺方面更典定了这位音乐才子是无与伦比的,不论是钢琴,吉他,古筝,打鼓,样样都难不到这位24孝的好男孩,他也不忘提醒了如果没有他的妈妈,就不会有今天的周杰伦,接着就带了一首‘听妈妈的话’。。。。。。。

这场演唱会不论在视觉与听觉上都是超棒,大家也在特别嘉宾南拳妈妈其中一名成员,弹头的带动下,唱了华语和英语两个版本的生日歌献上了我们的祝福。。。。。周董应该觉得还蛮感动的吧。。。 最让我难忘还是当周董唱着“安静”那首歌,感觉历历在目, 勾起了许多回忆。。。。

天下没有不散的宴席,终于到了演唱会的尾声,当周董说这是最后一首歌的时候,大家都还是疯狂的尖叫着,到了encore的时候,当大家看到 live band 成员回来的时候更是兴奋不已, 在 live band的带动下大家都嚷着“周杰伦,周杰伦,周杰伦”这三个字。。。。。过了一会儿,周董再一次的登上舞台带出这真的是最后一次的演唱, 带来一首“甜甜的”。。。。。


Sunday Brunch @ PS cafe......

Just came back from PS Cafe ( at Dempsey Hill moments ago...... was lucky to step into the cafe before the rain drops from the sky..... the place was full when we reached and the rain kept them from gng..... but din really wait long for a table though. Much hype abt this cafe situated at the greenery pasture juz below Dempsey Hill, nice view with fresh air circulating with nice music played indoors.... a cosy place to enjoy our sunday brunch or just to chillout.... food was not too bad, generous portion which leaves us quite full after tat thus din order their desserts, def will go back again for their "sweet's favourite"...... still compiling the photos taken during Jay's concert, will upload them once everything is done...... =)

walkway to Ps cafe......
while waiting......
i will come back for u......
hot choco & latte
banana bread special......
breakfast sandwich......
on the way home......

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Juz had my shower after reaching home 15 mins ago, my last day of the 2 afternoon day duty which starts from 4pm to 12am..... most of u all should be in dreamland at this time while i am feeling refreshed after my bath........ tml will be my off day before working on fri (will be gng for Jay Chou's concert with 2nd bro, sil and rach on fri) and sat follow by my usual two days off......

been working for the past few days with bad weather always coming during the 4pm-5pm slot, duno y..... making us working hard for the money...... opening of t3 and taxiways closures also brings on more workload to the already heavy traffic..... next month will be the asian aerospace which means more work...... but well despite all these, i still love my job as an air traffic controller..... two days work follow by two days off, half an hr rest for one hr work, nice view, looking at A380 is the norm, no work bring home, nothing is the same everyday..... hahaha this looks likes a recruitment blog.....

all rite, me gng to cook some noodles to fill my stomach , feeling hungry at this moment..... till then folks..... =)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

4B 10th Year Anniversary......

Yesterday was a very happy and meaningful day for us who were once 4B students..... we got our 10th year anniversary gathering...... it was our 1st meet up for some after the 'O's and each of us were so happy to see one another..... all in all 18 of us turned up as those who were absent were either working or overseas. Metup was at Caffe Pralet , a small cosy cafe along Eng Hoon Mansions, 1st to arrive was Lenus , the organizer of this meetup who i haven met for quite some time but not as long as others as we went to the same poly and were in the same courses, last time even took bus together to school..... hahahaa...... din really change much and still got alot to gossip.... =) , the two of us were joined shortly by Celine and Pui san, the other 2 main organizers.... xinyi and haowee followed soon afterwards then more to come which i can't really rem the sequence...... Jiayee, my partner during sec days sat beside to chat about the good old days.....

the cafe was surrounded with our laughter and everyone was walking around like it was their house..... class gathering will not be one without photo taking, took our group photos outside the cafe as our grp is too big, will be waiting for the compiled photos from Lenus and will upload them once i got them...... Some of them got married and some will be married soon, time really flies, Hwee Qi changes quite a lot which i cant really rem, but she gives me a surprise when she saw me, "hw's ur baby uh?"...... told her that i am not married yet and she guess she mistakenly tat i am married with child cos she told me that my too many photos in friendster makes her confused liao..... =P... 10 years seem so fast just in a flash, Junlong din seems to change much, can still easily pass off as a student if he dons our once 'famous' kfc uniform....."green shirt , black pants with black shoes", btw we were from HKSS..... Heng Hock, still the same good "hao hao" gentlemen look......

around 4 plus, most make their way as they got something on, a few stay on to chat while i leave at 4.30pm to pick up rach..... the gathering really brings up all the good old memories of us studying, gossiping, playing pranks on each other, complaining and playing during our 2 years together in class 3B -> 4B..... will be waiting for the next gathering with much anticipation full strength turning up......

2nd part of the day was spent with rach, who will really starts to be busy from next week..... walked from Lido -> Wisma -> Taka -> Paragon -> Tangs -> Far East...... ate our dinner at Spageddies at Paragon, our 1st time there, the food is good and generous on servings..... our retail theraphy got me 2 polo tees , 1 tee while she got 1 polo tee, 1 shirt, 1 tee and 1 pair of heels...... while walking back to the car, my "car" aka legs was aching after all the shopping...... feeling quite tired but happy after a long day as i din really sleep when i got home this morning from work...... reach home at 10 plus and stayed on to watch "Man U vs Newcastle", but dozes off in the process......... =) all in all it has been a good saturday for me and for most of us too......



trying shoes at Guess by Marciano

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


三公分阳光 三公分空气

一直向前走 走不完距离

你的目光 蒸发成云
再下成雨 我才能够靠近

感谢我不可以 住进你的眼睛
有再多的遗憾 用来牢牢记住

感谢我不可以 拥抱你的背影
所以才能 变成你的背影
躲在安静角落 不用你回头看 不用珍惜
*躲在安静角落 如果你回头看 不用在意*

我的心事 蒸发成云

Monday, January 7, 2008



千千万万的爱意 等不及
凉风徐徐的提醒 我和你
想要照顾你 好好疼你

和我在一起 手牵着你

盛夏的回忆 在偷偷想起
我站在这里 用最真的心
想对你说请相信 我们之间距离

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Rainy Saturday......

Nothing particular these few days..... working on wed and thurs and having my off on fri and today...... went to Parkway Parade this afternoon, began to rain when i picked up rach and got heavier as we were on our way down.... it has been a long time since i was last there, jalan jalan around the mall with nothing particular in mind on our shopping list, rach got herself something yet again from G2000..... had our brunch at Jack's Place..... order myself a Jack's Special while rach got herself a spring chicken.... some photos to share.....

The rain began to reduce its frequency when we make our way down to East Coast which is juz a stone throw away...... walk along the coastline enjoying the sea breeze and watching people skating, cycling and bbq-ing..... and tat makes us hungry again, thus walked over to Hong Kong Cafe and order their club sandwiches and my must-have coffee to curb our taste buds..... a lazy and rainy saturday was spent with our indulgence for food ..... *yawns* time to get into my dreamland to prepare myself for work again tml..... enjoy the weekend, folks....

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year......

A very happy new year to everyone..... let's us embrace 2008 with laughter, anticipation and excitement. Woke up to the 1st morning of 2008 at 11am, reached home at 3plus last night.... Met up with rach yesterday at 5 plus to go bugis for our dinner, had a reservation at Indulgz Bistro (, our 1st time there after reading reviews about the restaurant. The restaurant was not very big but yet cosy with the tables nicely separated out. The staff was very friendly and warm and recommended us some of their signature dishes...... we ordered one of their best seller, deep-fried camembert cheese with mixed berry Compote, lobster bisque, mushroom soup, linguini marianna and their highly recommended portobello burger......

After dinner, went over suntec to walk around before settling at Starbucks for our coffee...... managed to get tickets for National Treasure 2 at 9.30pm which will ends at 11plus and still be able to go for the countdown later...... the show ends around 11.40pm and we took our time walking over to raffles for the fireworks which will be starting soon...... the atmosphere was great, everyone was ecstatic, enjoying the magnificent view when the fireworks start...... welcome to the start of a brand new year...... =)

Supper was to come before we went home to catch our much needed sleep.......