Memory Lane......

Sunday, September 30, 2007

29 Sept 2007

Met up with Rachel after my work at 1pm in Bugis. We went to the temple to pray after which decided to proceed to the nearby Sunshine Plaza to satisfy my craving for "Dim Sum", there are a number of nice eateries in the plaza and i had only one in mind, Victor's Kitchen. It was our first time over there after recommendation by someone praising for their "Dim Sum", it was not very crowded when we reached, the food taste good but not much variety though. My all time favourite and 'definitely must' order dish for "dim sum" is the "Siew Mai" and i am pleased to say that the "Siew Mai" at Victor's Kitchen are to my liking. Me and Rachel ate till we can hardly move, and by the time we headed for home, it was already 2pm plus. Need to get home and have a quick nap before my "journey to the east" to report for work. Slpt for 2 hours and told mummy no dinner for me as i was still full and will get something to eat later if i am hungry.

Eight dishes total for the two of us

"Sequence of events"


Smooth traffic along the way allowed me to reach Changi at 7.20pm, and to my surprise, the carpark was packed with cars, parking lots that seldom infringed onto the side towards Changi Tower were almost filled, but still managed to get my favourite parking lot. While walking towards the tower, i could see a few families with children actually sitting along the grass patch in between parking lots having their meals, sort of picnic and they seem to enjoy themselves. It was quite unsual to see them around but as long as they do not dirty the carpark, fine with me.
After morning duty at 8am, met up with Rachel to have Long John Silver's breakfast at Jurong Point, prefer it than Mac though Mac has more choices. I like the Thick Toast that they have, yummy. After tat, it was sleeping time for me again before waking up few hours ago......all rite, hungry as i am now, dinner is now ready, thus dinner time. ...... =)

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Met up with Kelvin and Alvin for lunch at Terminal 1 this afternoon before gng to work at 1pm. Learnt that Steven aka Stevie was also in the watch today meant that the cabin will be filled with laughter, hahaha, he is a dual rating senior controller transversing between SATCC and Changi Tower, he will come up tower once or twice a month. Time seems to pass quickly today, i suppose its due to heavy traffic and keeps us busy from realising that time is slowly ticking away. Actually we were planning to have Steamboat at Liang Seah St after work, but eventually ended up gng to East Coast food centre.

Managed to jio Munyi, Kenny (my batch mates) and Kelly (my senior), three of them on off day to join us (Han Chee, Stevie, Kelvin and me). Ordered "Braised Fish Head", "Vegetables fried with Pig's Liver", "Oyster Egg" , "Cockles", "Sting Ray", "Satay", "Salted Duck Soup" and "Ghoh Hiong". The dinner is on Stevie and we got a good time.

*yawns*, time to sleep, got to wake up early for work and got to meet "my special one" at Bugis after 1pm then catch watever sleep i have before gng back again. Enjoy the weekend folks......

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hard Rock Cafe

Got a dinner appointment with Rachel at Hard Rock Cafe in the evening, it was drizzling and i was suppose to pick her up at Far East at 6.30pm, while i was driving and turning into PIE, the most dreaded information that all drivers hate to see "Massive Jam after Clementi Ave 6", this was not new to me as every weekday when i was on my way for my night duty, jam was not uncommon.

Msg her to take her time and inform her about the jam, decided to make a detour to go via Bukit Timah Rd. Though it was also packed with cars, it was a better choice, managed to pick her up at 6.40pm and went on to park at Forum and walk over to HRC. Took a few pictures.

Herb Grilled Chicken

Me with my Cheesy Macaronni with Chicken
Nice Ambience
Me at Borders

After dinner, walk towards Borders looking for information for next year holiday destination.
Will be taking slot leave for my much anticipated Taiwan trip with my family during April, and looking forward to the Phuket trip with my batch mates in March, Hong Kong sometime next year with Rachel and maybe one more destination which has yet to be decided.
Countries and holidays conquered this year include Bangkok (Rachel) , Hong Kong (Batch mates), Siloso Beach Resort (Rachel) , Japan (Rachel), Krabi (Rachel) and the unglamourous Batam (Ah Tan and gang). How i wish that i can go around the world in erhmm....maybe 81 days.......


Room tidied up, lunch makan-ed, time to experiment on my new stuff, my blog.
Uploaded some videos regarding ATC from other countries.

A happy controller working ->

Starting of a journey........

Finally register and blogging my 1st post after so long. I have been contemplating since "blog" has been around for quite a while, isn't it too late to start only now, but as i was sitting down staring at my laptop waiting for time's up to go to work, i was pondering why not start now rather than keep putting it away. It will be a source of channel to put down my personal life and daily experience known to my friends who i seldom meet up now due to work commitments and those overseas.
Creating this blog will also allows me to vent my frustrations in words with those nasty experiences faced during my work with pilots but i must admit some of them are nice.
In case u are wondering, am i a steward or ground crew, nope, i am an Air Traffic Controller working at the iconic Singapore Changi Airport.

Air Traffic Controller, the so called most stressful job in the world. Changi, the busiest aviation hub around the region, handling up to 600-700 flights a day. Though stressful but i like it, the fact that the job is never the same everyday, dynamic and based on real time situations makes it all the more exciting.
***no work is brought home, two days off for two days work, 1/2 hr break for 1 hr work....where to find =) ***
All that aside the job however requires high level of concentration, multitasking (see, hear, write, analyse ,speak ) all at the same time. No one will wait for you, u got to be one step ahead of your traffic, and knowing that thousands of life lies in your hands adds to the burden. Pilots sitting inside their cockpit without knowing what is happening around them doesn't help as all think that they are the only one flying. Urghh.......

Enough of all the complaining, more to come i suppose, shall stop at this point and preparing to tidy up my messy room. Till the next time we meet again, my blog......