Memory Lane......

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Great Singapore Sale......

Our Great Singapore Sale (GSS) is here again, rach and myself who belong to the shopaholic clan wasted no time to begin our shopping spree today, which coincidentally is one of my few weekend off days =)

Decided to go Orchard to spend our day away, had our brunch at Coffee Club @ Taka, enjoying our sandwiches and drinks while keeping ourselves updated on current affairs with the must-have Straits Times at the same time..... after which we proceed to the I-Weekly / 8 Days Carnival, subscribed to a one year subscription of the former.... it came with free gifts (few to choose from) and an additional early bird gift, it was a good deal since i do buy the magazine every week......

Walked from Wisma Atria -> Takashimaya -> Paragon -> Tang's -> Far East Plaza -> DFS Galleria -> Border's. Got myself a pair Levi's Jeans and a pair of shoes while rach also got her fair share of "战利品"...... din stay on too late as i got to work tml, hope u guys will enjoy the GSS and do spend more to boost our economy, meanwhile enjoy the weekends........ =)

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Nothing much for these few days, working and having my off days as usual...... feeling a bit 'heaty' with signs of sickness for the past week, thus have been watching my diet and drinking lots of water to cool my body system..... the coming week will be pretty much the same with work and off....... counting down to 5th of june, sincerely hope that our wish will come true and will be looking forward to my hotel stay @ Conrad towards end of june..... till then. Enjoy the weekends =)

Sunday, May 11, 2008




今年的母亲节,到了位于麦坡申路的明记活海鲜。大哥说那里的海鲜超新鲜所以就决定到那儿。我门同时也请了大哥与二哥的岳父岳母一同前往,大嫂身在美国,要到七月才回来,所以总数十一人。餐馆虽然不大但麻雀虽小五藏全俱,有善的服务态度,更让我门倍感亲切。大家都在餐座上有说有笑,我们点了蛮多道菜,最让我回味无穷的就是他们的螃蟹米粉,一面吃着米粉,一面吃着拨开的蟹肉,再喝上一口大哥带来的白酒,更是带出了食物的鲜美,让人齿夹留香。接着就吃了从 The Patissier买的蛋糕, La Mère, 它是 The Patissier 为了母亲节而特别推出的,带有 lycee & chocolate味道,特别有口感。吃饱后,大家都有深深的满足感 =)


rach 的最爱


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Crazy Traffic......

Completed 1st cycle of duty after my taiwan trip. Weather for these few days are so hot, and the aircon in my room seems to fail and is unable to produce the once cool air for quite some time already and worse it is having a few short circuits recently, thus mum decided to change the whole aircon system, which will be fixed this coming thursday...

Yesterday night was working as the ground controller and during midnight, this was the timing where most airlines flew to europe, and the most busiest time, runway was 20 configuration and when i took over the position, there was like 10 departing aircrafts on the frequency excluding arrivals, and aircrafts were calling non-stop, not giving chances, (i wonder why they could be so inconsiderate when they are able to monitor the frequency and wanted to add on to the already busy frequency).

Some pilots are selfish even to their own airlines when they know that the latter got priority over him due to AWUT (allocated wheels up time) restriction, sigh...... anyway it was so busy for that half an hour that i juz transmitted "all aircrafts on the frequency, pls standby and do not call, i will call u all due to heavy traffic and taxiway congestion", but there were also some who were understanding and appreciative..... why can't the planners just spread the aircrafts across T2 and T3 instead of cramming all up at the latter...... all rite, enuff of the complaining, its never ending and guess this is what makes this job interesting, challenging yet stressful, anyway its nothing new fighting "war" every night......... kudos to all the 1B guys.....

After morning duty, went for Paintball at Orchid Country Club organised by CAAS, our team were Chee Chong, Khunghui, Adrian Sim and Wong, Pauline, Samuel and me, it was fun and tiring, the shots kenna was quite painful, got one on the chin and a few on various parts, overall it was shiok, won 1 out of 3 matches =p ....... will be celebrating mum's birthday tml evening.......... =) enjoy the weekends......

Thursday, May 1, 2008



第五天,我和 rach 决定回到淡水老街,因为我们都迷恋着那儿的优美风景和浪漫感觉。逛着逛着,累了就找一间淡水河畔的咖啡座,一面聊着天,一面 relax 的享用着午餐。一直到傍晚,才离开回到西门町。