Memory Lane......

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Day......

Started our day by gng down bugis for prayers, the norm for me and rach once in a month..... lunch was at this vegetarian restaurant nearby, the food was good and servings were generous.

After which drove down to Raffles City as it had been quite some time since we were last there, after done with our shopping, settled down @ The Canele for my dose of caffeine accompanied with dessert, ordered their exotique crepe, and believe me, it was good =), specially flamed caramelized banana together with passionfruit banana sorbet, it was almost to perfection, should really try it out. Their latest outlet was opened at Shaw Centre recently......

Had our family dinner at Swa Garden along Macpherson Rd..... da sao is finally back from her 2 years U.S stint, good to see her again =), and she bought me my favourite Abercrombie Polos, thanx u so much..... had an enjoyable dinner and work starts tml again, will be on standby on the 4th, all rite, have a great week ahead......

Wednesday, July 23, 2008



找寻起点 看誓言可会改变

痛苦和骄傲 这一生都要拥有
年轻的心灵 还会颤抖
我和你 也要向前冲

永远不回头 不管天有多高
忧伤和寂寞 感动和快乐 都在我心中
永远不回头 不管路有多长
黑暗试探我 烈火燃烧我 都要去接受 永远不回头

Lazy Me......

Juz finished the 6th Dvd (Rambo IV) that i rented for these past 3 days, other titles include (AVP 2, Rendition, 27 Dresses, 10,000 BC & An empress and the warriors). Gng back to work tml before my off day on sunday again which we will have our family gathering dinner at Macpherson..... these few days have been doing nothing except staying at home, reading newspapers, magazines, watching tvs and dvds, growing fat.... =P need to get back my momentum again after so many days of rest, all rite, enjoy the week ahead..... weekend is coming =)

Monday, July 21, 2008


Helped out for kenny's wedding over the weekend, his church wedding on saturday and wedding dinner yesterday night (congrats bro), anyway got drunk yesterday as part of the "brother party"..... the effects of the alchohol only kicks in much later, fortunately munyi stayed back to fetch me back together with morgan, thanx to the two of them, guess they got a hard time dragging me back home..... vaguely rem what i did and said but i do rem that they pull over a few times for me to puke...... =P , mum also stayed up to take care of me, thanx mum.... slpt till 11am this morning, surprisingly no headache juz the dreaded memories of the smell of chivas still lingering in my mind...... but it was fun though..... it had been ages since i am last drunk.

anyway booked tickets to Bali for my holidays with rach, will be gng during mid aug since i was given leave, hopefully sept leave can also be approve then more holidays, anyway the "kuku" me booked the wrong dates for the Bali trip and got to pay an extra $62 for my carelessness, but still cheap though..... counting down to my Bali getaway =)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Wedding Without Boundaries......

Rach and me attended the wedding show on sunday hosted by Amara Sanctuary Sentosa. I must say that it was very well done, in terms of the services, food, performance, presentation (models showcasing bridal gowns on stage, walking down the runway) and etc, the sequence of event was very well coordinated too. We enjoyed it very very much, and i guess the rest of the 99 couples too. Special thanx to Michelle for answering all our questions and trying to fulfil our requests to her best of ability =), paid our deposit for our big day next year and preparations will be on-going..... took lots of pictures and here are some to share with u guys. Definitely a nice place to hold solemnisation or weddding here, u just got to see it urself......

Showcasing of bridal gown by staff from Amara Sanctuary and models......

Inside Glass Pavillion......

Wedding Deco......

After the show, drove over to vivocity, rach went for her gym session and while waiting for her i went to watch the movie "Get Smart" alone, a total different kind of experience watching movie all by oneself =)

Friday, July 11, 2008


一反常态的写了三个 entry。

好想买张机票,登上飞机飞往任何一个角落,自由自在无忧无虑的 enjoy myself。

驾着我的车就一直往前开,最好不要有任何的交通灯和有用不完的汽油 =p,喜欢那种 in total control 的感觉。



爱你的那一个 伤你的那一个
放弃了这一个 然后等待著下一个

你给过我的 她们是做不到的
那时候的幸福是真的 虽然过去了

释怀教育著仇恨 和平劝著天下人
故事发生了便住下了 不管好的坏的
你让我成长了 就算是痛得值得

爱你的那一个 伤你的那一个
放弃了这一个 然后等待著下一个

爱你的那一个 伤你的那一个
放弃了这一个 然后等待著下一个

爱你的那一个 伤你的那一个
放弃了这一个 然后等待著下一个

离开时别忘了 看看眼前的人
流泪记住了 还是微笑祝福著

Cup Cakes ......

Cupcakes are common among bakeries and cafe, but there are few which serve really good cupcakes, C Cup ( belongs to one of these exclusive few, rach ordered from them one month ago, but the both of us forgot...... that's how long u got to place ur order, and it does not come cheap, cost us around $40 bucks with delivery, though the price is of the high side but it certainly does not disappoint us..... each of them is carefully decorated and they taste absolutely delicious =)

short clip to share......

Monday, July 7, 2008

Counting Down......

Its another brand new week, din got much time to blog during the past week, an update of what i have been doing for these past few days..... went vivo yesterday afternoon with rach, had lunch at our usual jap restaurant, Sushi Teh..... shopping for a shirt and got it from TOPSHOP, rach also got some of her stuffs from NIKE..... walked over to Harbour Front Coffee Club as most of the cafes at vivo was crowded with people..... ordered their Mud Pie, which was so huge and we did not manage to finish it......

drove over to HORT Park along alexandra rd, din really walk the whole thing as it was already quite late, decided to come back again maybe at evening time during one of these days =)

met up with my batch mates (morgan and munyi) after their morn and nite duty at chinatown as morgan went to book for his bangkok trip while i am still contemplating between Shanghai & Bali during my sept trip..... after tat went over to Great World City via shuttle bus while leaving our cars at Chinatown, a big mistake as munyi and i was slapped with a $70 summon for illegal parking =( , unnecessary expenditure .....

anyway at Great World watched the movie, "The Bank Job", a R21 show, the show was based on a true story set in the 1970s, initially was quite boring as it was a british film, their accent made it quite hard to understand and it doesnt help without any subtitles, but as the story moved on, the twists and turns made it exciting and worthwhile.... a 3.5 out of 5 i would give..... will be using my 2 complimentary gold class tickets to watch the highly anticipated film, "Red Cliff" which opens this week =)