Memory Lane......

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Juz came back from dinner at Yi Pin Xiang, a nice hunan restaurant located along Pasir Panjang Rd...... ah ren was invited to join us also...... the dinner was on 1st bro as he has just been promoted to partner in his firm.... congrats, bro..... and da sao will also be back for good in july after her stint in the US ...... =)

went down bugis for shopping yesterday evening after praying...... proceeded to queensway as rach wanted to get her gym stuffs.......

past week updates, met morgan and munyi for dim sum @ Ah Yat at Turf City during our off day, it offers 50% off their dim sum menu during weekdays, ate quite a lot and spend the afternoon chit chatting away..... hahaha, all rite another week begins tml.... have a great week ahead......

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa......

As mentioned in the last blog, went over to Amara Sanctuary Resort at Sentosa for our site inspection....... the venue was for our solemnisation ceremony next year, met up with Irene, the wedding coordinator at the lobby and as there was an wedding ceremony on-going, she was unable to bring us around and instead got Linda (guest service manager) to bring us around, a super friendly and helpful lady who go all out to answer all enquiries though she is not the one in charge.... =)

Linda brought us around the resort, patiently explaining the various styles of nuptial celebrations at their designer Glass Pavillion amidst the abundant tropical gardens and all their different types of suites and villas available that we will be entitled to when we decided on the place =p, and told us that the traditional tea ceremony can even be carried out in one of their 6 exclusive villas.....

rach and i love the place and had decided on it as the venue for our solemnisation, the date had also be confirmed and will be announced at a later date..... seems like we will be getting pretty busy soon with all the preparations and will be progressing to the next stage of life.... =)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Conrad Weekend Stay......

Back from my long awaited weekend getaway...... stay at Conrad (currently the best to date) during the weekend with rach, breaking ourself free of our hectic work schedule, at least for rach.... hahaha, the getaway made us feeling rejunivated and relaxed.

Check in at around 12 plus before proceeding to Suntec and Marina for a walk..... had a late lunch and then went back to Carrefour to buy junk food for our dinner =P, went back Conrad to immerse ourselves in their super big and tall king size bed doing our reading, watching tv (LOTR) and listening to music while munching on our chips..... like this carefree and relax type of lifestyle......

Woke up this morning for breakfast at Oscar's, their varieties of selection was great, din try everything as i am feeling sleepy, ate abit before proceeding back to our room for a quick nap again....... after checking out, met up with mum, 2nd bro and sil at vivo for lunch before gng down Sentosa (Amara Sanctuary Resort) for our site inspection which i will post in my next entry..... all rite, gng to sleep soon as i will be working morn nite duty tml..... have a great week ahead =)

Monday, June 16, 2008


我踩著夢的階梯 走進了 一座迷霧森林
誰的心事 被天使竊聽 泛起漣漪

時間它幫我設計 下一秒 誰是神秘嘉賓
小心翼翼 揭開了面具 掌聲鼓勵

誰闖進我的場地 誰讓我措手不及
我早就預備的劇情 妳卻給我一筆
狡猾地 致命地正中我紅心

我跟誰變得親密 誰逐漸離我遠去
華麗演出共襄盛舉 唯有妳的背影

妳按了我的門鈴 我終於 從呵欠中甦醒
緊張兮兮 對妳說一句 歡迎光臨

全場觀眾都離席 剩下我 還在原地尋覓
耳邊聽著 謝幕的歌曲 走不出去

誰闖進我的場地 誰讓我措手不及
我早就預備的劇情 妳卻給我一筆
狡猾地 致命地正中我紅心

我跟誰變得親密 誰逐漸離我遠去
華麗演出共襄盛舉 唯有妳的背影

我搬到誰的隔壁 誰成了我的鄰居
鳴謝生命有妳參與 笑納我的邀請
曲終人散卻寫下不會結束 的結局

Friday, June 13, 2008


Was on standby today, changed with Alvin as my original standby is on the 25th and i have something on that day..... din really like the feeling of being on standby as i got to get myself prepare for any recall if there might be, though the money may be good...... am suffering from a running nose since yesterday..... the 'tap' juz wun go off, making me feeling sleepy and grouchy, slept at 10 plus last night to get myself recover faster.....

Anticipating for the hp to appear "ATC Recall" this morning and thankfully it did not, as i still feeling a bit sick and normally if it did not come before 11am, chances that no more recall for the day.... hahaha quite surprisingly, as today is Friday the 13th, it can be quite taboo in our line of work, i had my fair share of superstition, i will not wear any shirts in black to work since i kanna quite a few times with aircraft abnormal operations before....... a few clips on ATC , enjoy =)

will be gng for movie (Kung Fu Panda) tonight with rach after her work..... and its work again during the weekend...... =)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Mission Accomplished......

Met up with morgan to went down Changi's CARC for our "mission" today..... to help Kenny, our batch mate with his filming thingy, Zac, Mei Huah, Munyi & Terrence were also roped in to help.... finally got it done after 2 plus hours and not without a few tries with numerous NGs in between.... it was fun though...... went over to Kenny's hse for a short while before meeting up with Munyi again at White Sands for dinner as she went home to bath for her night duty later on....

"K Ge Zhi Wang"

Will be working tml and the day after next after which will be my off day and standby...... counting down to my CONRAD hotel stay next week..... =)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Father's Day Celebration......

Went to Zhou's Kitchen @ Anchorpoint for our father's day celebration today. Auntie Hong, Warren and Adrian were invited to join us, always enjoyed their company, with them around means endless of laughter and joy =) ...... we also got 3 of us who were born in the month of june (1st bro, auntie hong & adrian), ordered their high tea buffet, though the varieties were limited but the quality of the food was good...... din really took much photos as i am busy helping myself to the food =p, sat till 5 plus and we were the last to go as we still had our cake to go after the meal..... cake was once again from The Pattisier, as we were all beginning to fall in love with their cake, we decided to join as member to enjoy the privileges.......

after dinner, me and rach proceed to Vivo for shopping.... it was crowded with people and after that settled down at Conduroy Cafe for our drinks and discussion for our "Big Plan", hahaha..... and reached home around 9plus.... tml will be gng down airport to meet up with Kenny and the rest for his "K Ge Zhi Wang Mission".....

all rite, hope everyone have a great week ahead =) ......